FEATURED VIDEO: My interview with David Duke.

Joseph Cumia Talks with his friend KKK Grand Wizard David Duke from 2U Cumia on Vimeo.


Joe here, for those who do not know, I am the brother of famous and talented radio DJ Anthony Cumia.  I too have MANY talents like music, podcasting and SO MANY other things, I am also a father.


Earlier this year I appeared on The People’s Court to spread MY message to the world.


BUT,  The People’s Court videos keep getting deleted by Reddit trolls, (they hate that I am more famous than them), so I decided to host the videos here so that they can LIVE ON FOREVER!!! TAKE THAT LIBTARDS!


I hope you enjoy.


Part 1
Part 2


Lastly friends, there has recently been a documentary made about me. That’s kind of when you know you’ve made it, I knew a long time ago when I got the infamous Opie & Anthony show started years ago that my day would come. You pay your dues, and good things happen.


I want to post this documentary on here as well as those Reddit trolls I mentioned before will try to get it taken down, they just…won’t leave me alone, but anyways, enjoy.