The Show

U P D A T E 

HEY EVERYONE big update, new podcast coming, done with PC shit and libtards this is going to be the edgiest fucking podcast you little cunts have ever SEEN.

The Joseph Cumia show AKA THE RANTCAST PODCAST will debut on March 1st, 2019! I am FREE that day, as of a few days AGO!

I’ve had enough, sitting on the sidelines watching libtards ruin this country. It’s time for the Joseph Cumia Show to comeback, RANTCAST style this time, full on edgy I don’t GIVE A FUCK what anyone thinks anymore FUCK all the basement dweller redditors; and SJW’s tryingto hold me down.
The reason these Redditors are trying to take me down is they USED to be fans of my brother Anthony’s show, the one I put together in the 90’s through Rotgut, now the shows gone and I’m the highest AUTHORITY after Anthony went silent on social media because of the jew Jack Dorsey banned him. So NOW they r after me!!!
But fuck em.

ALSO need a co-host I need someone who’s ready to get FUCKING edgy with me in the studio and take on these libtard clowns, I’VE HAD enough, contact me IF you are interested. Serious enquiries ONLY no fucking trolls

55 Gettysburg Dr. Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776. Phone | +1-631-495-1073. Fax | 631-331-0664.


It began as a hobby for musician Joe Cumia to jump onto his webcam and do a video podcast from his home studio giving people updates on his brother’s situation. After being terminated by SiriusXM Satellite radio in July, one half of the Opie and Anthony Show was putting together a show of his own and the fans – known as the O&A Pests – were chomping at the bit for some inside information.


Once the Anthony Cumia Show was launched, the man known to the fans as Brother Joe was using part of his broadcast as a weekly recap of Ant’s show but also bringing in some original elements and memories of some O&A bits and songs from the past.


An avid O&A fan named Joe Pietaro (a journalist and radio/TV host) and regular viewer of both the Cumia brothers’ shows experienced one of those ‘holy shit’ moments when he thought of bringing some elements from his own radio show to Joe’s broadcast, mainly celebrity guests. Two phone calls and one meeting later, a partnership was formed.


Looking to not cut any corners and making this a truly professional production, Cumia and Pietaro (since named the Executive Producer) are planning on bringing the O&A fans another program to call their own. Viewer interaction is not only welcomed, but encouraged. Live phone call-ins and contests will be regular parts of the show, as is a live Twitter feed.


To do this properly and make this a full-blown media outlet, doing construction in Cumia’s home studio (commonly known as ‘The Compound East’) for a new set and green screen, as well as having the ability to broadcast live bands on the show, will include some incurred expenses. And an interactive website will all episodes archived with previews and recaps is also part of the plan.


So just what will it cost to subscribe to the Joseph Cumia Show? Not one cent, my friends. Yes, that’s right – it will be absolutely free to watch live and on demand via the archives.


So to offset some of the costs of getting the show off the ground and make it the best hour of your week, we politely ask for you to contribute to this campaign and help us bring you a funny and entertaining program.